PathWays is overseen by a committed volunteer Board of Directors. Board members meet monthly with leadership to maintain dedicated oversight of the organization and ensure the mission statement is being upheld. Additionally, they serve as community ambassadors and advocates for those with developmental disabilities.

Board members must reside in one of the 24 cities or towns within the designated service area, and one third of the board must include either individuals with developmental disabilities or their appointed representative (family member or guardian).

If interested in serving on the PathWays board, please contact PathWays main office at 603-543-8706 for more information, or email [email protected]

Current Board Members are:

Cheryl Abbott – Executive Committee Chair

Patricia Witthaus – Executive Committee Vice Chair

Michael Quinn – Secretary / Treasurer

Ralph Puckett – Executive Committee

Julie Hilliard – Executive Committee

Susan Parry – Board Member

Rose Ann Tardiff – Adult/Self Advocacy Group/Board Member

Kathryn Hesch – Board Member

Chris Beeso – Board Member