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“We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us.”
― Joseph Campbell

Adult Services Summary

PathWays provides supports for adults with developmental disabilities or brain injuries in everyday life to maintain their independence and well-being is what we do here at Pathways. We offer a variety of community-based services to individuals. These services include Service Coordination, Community Support Services, Enhanced Family Care, Community Participation Services and Residential Supports. These Services are overseen by a Resource team and Area Director based out of Area offices.

Service Coordination (aka Case Management)

  • Central person chosen or approved by an individual as his or her guardian or representative to organize, facilitate, and document service planning and to negotiate and monitor the provision of the individuals services.
  • Life planning, individualized service agreements
  • Advocacy
  • Monitoring of community-based services

Community Support Services (aka Outreach Services)

  • Supports available for an individual who has developed, or is trying to develop, skills to live independently within the community, and maintain their independence.
  • Typically less than 20 hours per week

Residential Services

  • Adult In-Home Supports to keep families together
  • Enhanced Family Care
  • Individualized supports for one person
  • Small group arrangements

To assist in adult service delivery, Pathways of The River Valley underwent a structural redesign in 2007. Resource teams were created and were headed up by Area Directors. In addition, the larger Sullivan and Lower Grafton counties were divided into smaller catchment areas while local offices to house the teams were opened. Currently, traditional services are provided out of these three areas; Newport area with an office on Summer street, Lebanon/Hanover area with an office on Hanover street (in Lebanon) and the Claremont area with an office on Tremont street. These offices are open to the Community during most weekdays.

To learn more or to apply for services, contact Samantha Valdivia, Intake and Service Agreement Specialist, [email protected], 603.542.8706.